Marketing & Research Services

Redfern Smith & Partners are able to provide professional marketing services to developers and builders across the UK. We have a vast experience of carrying out property appraisals and reports containing all the relevant information including local area data, likely competition, rental yields, minimum and maximum pricing strategies, demographical trends and proposed regeneration schemes and grants.Also, by leveraging local knowledge, Redfern Smith & Partners help developers increase their chance of maximising return on investment.

Property Appraisals

The correct marketing of each individual development is critical to the success of the sales strategy and the projected revenue. Redfern Smith & Partners work with your brief to understand the theme of a development and then identify a suitable 'branding' for each that enhances the lifestyle attraction whilst creating an individuality for the property in question. This identity is then applied to the marketing collatoral - information sheets, brochures, hoarding boards, adverts, web site and promotional videos. 

With a unique look and feel for each of your developments whilst retaining your company identity, you will have had created a truly individual living space which will project the maximum benefits to attract potential buyers.

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