Legal & Financial Services

Having the right connections, Redfern Smith & Partners are able to guide you through the legal process of purchasing property in the UK should you require this service. We can also introduce you to a number of different lending organisations and funding sources should this be necessary. The whole event can be completed seamlessly, including the exchange of contracts and the process’s completion, whereby the ownership of the property is passed from seller to buyer. Under English and Welsh law an agreement is not considered legally binding until the contracts are exchanged. 

Legal and Financial

The average amount of time it takes to successfully complete the conveyancing procedure is between 10 and 12 weeks. The process can of course take longer, and its completion rests on a number of legal, personal and financial factors such as searching for any key planning permission documents at the local authority and dealing with any legal disputes over boundaries and issues of that nature. Your solicitor will also deal with the land registry.

After this has been completed, the contracts are ready to be exchanged between the buyer and the seller. Once this has been done, the process of conveyancing is complete (if you are not obtaining a mortgage) and you will now be considered to be the legal owner of the property.

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