Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a property sourcing agent and not a real estate agent?
Real estate agents work on behalf of the Vendor by whom they are paid. Their sole purpose is to achieve the sale of a property at the highest possible price and as you would expect, they are always acting in the best interest of the vendor. On the other hand, as an independent sourcing company, our service is provided exclusively to you, the purchaser. We are there to help provide objective, independent advice about all property opportunities and to negotiate the most favourable terms possible.

Do real estate agents work with you?

We have a network of independent real estate agents in the countries we operate who understand the role we provide and how we act for serious purchasers who are active in the market. They are well aware that to sell properties in an efficient and timely way, working with search consultants is of major benefit to them.

What type of clients do you represent?
No two clients are the same. We represent all types of purchasers, whether these be lifestyle buyers, corporate relocations or pure investors and regardless of their budget or search requirements. They are typically based in the Far East, Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Why should I pay you to search the market when I could do it myself?
We search the property market in the selected country more thoroughly than you could probably do on your own. We have an existing, large network of contacts including private and institutional investors, property developers, as well as real estate agents of all sizes. We proactively discuss with each one about the type of property requirements you have. We also have access to various property trade databases which are not available to the general public, giving you the assurance that you will be getting access to the best of every property type that is available at that time, or is due to be released in your search timeframe.

Can you access properties that I may not be able to find on my own?
Using our network, we can access properties which may not even officially be on the market, or those which may be marketed discreetly.

How do I know that the properties you show me will be what I’m looking for?
We preview all properties before we show you, ensuring that you only view properties which match your specification and brief regarding budget, area and type.

Can you save me money?
Real estate agents will attempt to achieve the highest possible price. We utilise our expertise to counteract this and negotiate the best possible terms for you. We use this experience to achieve the most favourable price for you. Typically, our service more than pays for itself through the savings we can negotiate for you.

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